Let me introduce myself!

Hello, my name is Maureen McMurray, and it is wonderful to be back at SMM! This is my eleventh year her at the school and my 29th year of teaching music. I grew up in Portland, Oregon and was always involved in music in some way. Whether, it was singing with my sister, playing guitar at Mass, or performing in musicals, Music was an important part of my life!

I graduated in Vocal Performance, with a certificate in Elementary Teaching from Gonzaga University. I got my “feet wet” teaching second grade in the Seattle Archdiocese and then traveled to Western Samoa with my husband teaching a variety of grade levels and classes. I started teaching music after I had children, and later decided to study Theology at Seattle University, for a Masters in Pastoral Studies.

I love teaching at St. Mary Magdalen School, and I love to see the children “find their voice”, both in music, speech and drama! I am looking forward to another great year, filled with many adventures in the Arts!